What Makes a Good Caddy?

And, what separates a good caddy from a great one?

Golf caddies are integral elements to a great round.

They ensure that your favorite players are thinking strategically, always with the end goal in mind. There are so many things a golf caddy must know about the game, and the player they work with if they (and the player) are to be successful. The job may seem intimidating, but good caddies go above and beyond willingly, for the love of the game.

An experienced female golf caddy sitting in a golf cart.

Know the Course

No one course is exactly the same. A good caddy will do research before the big day. They’ll understand the course like the back of their hand, knowing every hill and crevasse that their player must navigate through to get their best possible score.

 A golf caddy picking up a ball from the ground.

Know the Player

A good caddy will also have done research on the player they’re working with. The goal is to help their player win. Therefore, caddies must give their golfers helpful strategies throughout the duration of the tournament or round.

A golf cart with golf clubs in the back.

Pay Attention

This may seem obvious, but a good caddy won’t be able to complete the first two steps if they aren’t fully paying attention. They must keep their eye on the ball, never diverting to other potential distractions. This way, they can predict things like trajectory.

An experienced golf caddy ready to help you win!

Be A Friend

While a good caddy is dedicated to winning the game, they also know that their golfers are human, too. Good caddies will befriend their golfer. After all, caddies are supposed to be support systems. Winning and losing are very emotional events. A great caddy helps with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

A good caddy will complete these tasks well, winning most games without issue.

However, a great caddy goes above and beyond. They understand their assignment, but their dedication to the game and their players causes them to put in extra effort to see success.

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