Get the best course score of your life while having a blast with beautiful models. AK Golf Angels are golf-savvy hospitality professionals who accompany you on your game and take it to the next level. From keeping drinks flowing to cleaning equipment, Golf Angels offer an experience unlike any other. If you’re golfing with Anela Kopela on Maui or Oahu, booking with Golf Angels is an absolute must!

When you’re on the course and trying to lower your score, having a supportive expert who can help out makes all the difference. Our Golf Angels love the game and are glad to:

  • Clean equipment

  • Repair divots

  • Read greens

  • Offer tutorials if needed

But that’s just the beginning! In addition to top-notch caddie services, Golf Angels offer hospitality the whole way. Your Golf Angel will:

  • Open drinks

  • Keep your custom music playlist going

  • Maintain a fun, positive atmosphere

At the end of the round, when you’re celebrating your outstanding score and exceptional experience, you’re encouraged to tip your caddie for a great time. This is luxury golf at its finest, and an absolute must for anyone who enjoys the game!

Golf Angels are perfect for any golfing experience. Whether you’re a solo player who wants company, or you're at a bachelorette party celebrating together, choose our female golf caddies and let us roll out the red carpet for you!

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Angels Enjoying Drinks on the Course

Caddy Service/Golf Round

6 hr | $200

(Recommended gratuity is equal to the full price of golf round)

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With the assistance of our golf clubs on Maui (and soon Oahu and Vegas) golfers will be able to hire our Anela Kolepa (AK) models for their rounds on the course. These ladies are there to enhance the round of golf as mentioned above and will also be responsible for assisting their guests with cleaning clubs and balls, repairing divots, and reading greens. They will assist in opening fresh beverages, finding the right songs to motivate the golfer, and possibly giving out putting tutorials when needed. Our ladies can enjoy alcoholic drinks, if they maintain a professional behavior and are of a legal drinking age. At the end of the round, the golfers are encouraged to tip their caddies for the time spent together.

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Perfect for: Solo golfers that would prefer company, Golf Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Tournaments and Corporate Outings. Models are available for off course promotional modeling; details will be discussed on case-by-case basis.

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Available at golf clubs in Maui and Oahu, AK Golf Angels are in high demand. Reserve your experience today.