How Maui and Oahu Caddies Are Golf Angels

What kind of experience do you envision on your Hawaii golf trip? Gorgeous views, great times with friends, and low scores are all on the list, we presume. One awesome perk of golfing in Maui and Oahu is the opportunity to have a caddy accompany you during your rounds. However, Anela Kolepa doesn’t provide you with a caddy, but a Golf Angel. Keep reading and discover what makes Anela Kolepa Golf Angels a heaven send for your golf trip.

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Golf Angels laughing on the green

Avid Golf Enthusiasts

Sure, AK models are stunning, but they wouldn’t make great caddies if they didn’t share your love of the game. AK Golf Angels are golf-savvy hospitality professionals who accompany you on your game and take it to the next level. Just like traditional caddies, our Golf Angels have golfing experience, follow golf etiquette, and love to provide you with all of the skills and knowledge you need.

Woman smiling in gold cart

Keeping It Fun

It’s hard to be sharing a round of golf with these ladies and be upset, but Anela Kolepa Golf Angels are so much more than beautiful. Aside from the standard duties of a caddie, these women provide wonderful hospitality, stories, and insight to level up your experience. Get your group and our girls together on the course, and by the end of the round you’ll swear it wasn’t golf — it was a party!

Golf ball in sand trap


It wouldn’t be a party without entertainment, and with AK Golf Angels as your host, the entertainment doesn’t stop. You’re here to have a good time, and our angels ensure you do, acting as your bartender, DJ, and overall master of ceremonies. The only thing nearly as entertaining as your experience with us is your buddy’s atrocious swing.

Golfer swinging

Elevate Your Experience

You’ve planned an amazing trip with friends and the clubs are clean, the golf bag is stocked, and you’re ready to grip it and rip it. The experience offered by Anela Kolepa is second to none and provides you with the opportunity to make your Hawaii golf trip truly unforgettable. Have some drinks, hit some balls, and hang out with the best (and loveliest) caddies in Maui and Oahu.

Adding fun, ease, and enjoyment, our ladies accompany you as you take on Hawaii’s most beautiful courses. From bartending to caddying, Anela Kolepa Golf Angels will provide everything you need to have a truly outstanding golf experience. Sure, you won’t break 90, but you won’t have any trouble admitting it. Visit us online and book your caddies today!

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