About Our Team

Anela Kopela Golf Angels is transforming the way golfers enjoy their sport. Our models take to the course with you, bringing fun, beauty, and practical support. We believe that golfing is one of the best ways to enjoy the outside weather, and in the company of your Golf Angel, you’ll realize that golfing can get even better!

When you choose AK Golf Angels, you choose a golfing experience unlike any other. You’ll have a great time on the course thanks to the hospitality and skill of your caddies. AK Golf Angels is perfect for solo golfers who want some company. They’re also fantastic additions to bachelor/bachelorette parties and corporate groups. They’ll keep the drinks flowing, the music going, and the fun at an all-time high. Book your experience today!


Garrett Temple

As a founder of Anela Kolepa, Garrett offers extensive knowledge in both the golf and luxury hospitality industries. Drawing from experiences with Topgolf, Four Seasons Hotels/Resorts, and the US Navy, Garrett prides himself on training and development of the highest standards. He dedicates his time ensuring the ladies have basic knowledge of the game of golf and the etiquette required on the course. However, he also trains our caddies to bring fun and excitement to a round unlike anything offered before.


Nick Robone

Nick Robone is a Las Vegas native that has been involved with the valley's golf scene scene for nearly 20 years! During that time he spent 4 years as a Marketing Manager at Topgolf Las Vegas and helped spearhead the golf giant's ambassador program that spanned across the Las Vegas strip and generated more than $1 million in revenue annually. As of January 2022, his newest project, Golf Venture, has officially launched in Las Vegas and will be offering a VIP concierge service for golf, night life and entertainment. As for his role with Anela Kolepa, Nick coaches our caddies in golf etiquette, knowledge, and basic golf skills.


Chaubella Tran

Chaubella Tran (Bella) is the owner and main photographer of Bella Studios in Las Vegas. With over a decade of professional photography experience, she has found her passion lies in boudoir shoots. With Anela Kolepa, Bella will be the exclusive photographer and model coach. Bella is excited to help the Angels become the best promo models in Clark County!